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In 1973, Imarflex Japan established Evergood Unlimited Corporation to introduce quality home appliances to the Philippine market. The first products were the Crock-Pot/Slow Cooker and the Turbo Broiler, products which are present in many Philippine homes today. These, together with several other innovative and high quality products revolutionized the appliance industry and launched Imarflex into becoming one of the leading and most established consumer appliance companies in the country, living up to its slogan, “We do it first. We do it best”.

From research and development to manufacturing, from distribution to customer service, Evergood Unlimited ensures that all Imarflex products meet the modern consumers’ needs and expectations while upholding its commitment to service. Expanding to water heaters, professional vacuum cleaners, health scales, air circulators, air purifiers, and induction cookers, Imarflex has the widest and most extensive product lines in the Home Appliance industry to date.

In August 2003, Imarflex diversified into the air conditioning industry, carrying all types of cooling systems including inverter air conditioners and evaporators for homes, offices and commercial applications. Imarflex also implemented an environmental protection program for all its manufacturing subsidiaries and partners.

In December 2006, Evergood Unlimited acquires Buffalo – Asia’s Cookware Specialist. For over 50 years, Buffalo has provided cooks with exceptional features and quality. Today, it is distributed throughout the world – such as Malaysia, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Known for its Food-Grade Multi-Clad (5 Ply) Japanese stainless steel which has only a fraction of the manganese content compared to most stainless steel cookware sold in the market. Buffalo cookware are guaranteed to perform for life with your health in mind.

All Buffalo products are engineered specifically to Japanese standards, providing excellent heat conductivity and heat retention, inducing a convection effect while you cook. The residual heat continues to cook the food even after you turn off your stove, allowing you to save both time and energy without over-cooking the food. Its patented Water Seal Technology and Air Regulating Knob keeps the steam in and seals in the natural flavors and nutrients of your food for your family to enjoy. Discover a good taste with Buffalo.

In October 2009, Evergood Unlimited acquires the exclusive distributorship of Saeco, Europe’s Leader in Super-Automatic Coffee Machines. Founded in 1981, the Saeco International Group sales network has grown to over 60 countries with over 16 subsidiaries in Europe, the United States, Latin America, Australia, Asia. Having invented the Automatic Espresso Machine 25 years ago, Saeco’s manufacturing expertise in the art of coffee extraction continues to lead the European industry in design, innovation, and service. Saeco’s products range from manual to fully-automatic, home to office, vending to professional, providing a complete coffee solution for all applications, certified by quality and safety standards worldwide.

These world renowned brands have allowed Evergood Unlimited Corporation to cater to a wider market segment including offices, food chains, culinary schools, hotels, restaurants and catering services (HORECA). Consumers can be assured that Evergood Unlimited will continue its unwavering pursuit for quality, service, and reliability for all its brands and products.

Espresso has always been more than a beverage – a celebration of life itself. Starting in Italy this unique feeling has sparked a café culture lived and loved all around the world. And thanks to our invention of the bean-to-cup system in 1985 this culture can be experienced at home just as intensively and easily.

Having become part of Philips, Saeco even increases its worldwide presence while remaining the Italian specialist for the world’s most tasty and authentic espresso experience. That’s why only with Philips Saeco your customers can enjoy truly Italian espresso specialties as delicious as at their favorite café in their own home – thanks to our supreme technology and groundbreaking innovations. From pure espresso to creamy latte macchiato, always made from freshly ground coffee beans, at the push of a button, in the blink of an eye, as easy as can be.

Founded in 1991, MOBICOOL International Ltd. ranks as one of the leading manufacturers of mobile refrigeration products in Far East/Asia. The core business is engineering, manufacturing and export of thermoelectric portable coolers and compressor coolers/freezers for customers in all continents. The reference list includes the names of car and truck manufacturers, automotive accessory importers, retail chains and business promotion companies.

MOBICOOL has made considerable impact on the mobile refrigeration market with ground-breaking innovations. The secret behind our success: a well balanced blend of pioneering spirit, uncompromising quality and global distribution.